Ninasarvik Otto



Fotod: Alan Proosa

Lastelavastus “Ninasarvik Otto” on Ole Lund Kirkegaardi raamatul põhinev lugu. Suvevaheaja esimesel päeval leiab koolipoiss Topper värvilised pliiatsid ja kirjutab plangule oma suure saladuse: „Sille, ma armastan sind!“. Sillele vahele jäämisest päästab teda ainult ime – selgub, et tegemist on võlupliiatsitega, sest kiri on kustunud. Topper ja tema sõber Viggo joonistavad Topperi toa seinale ninasarviku, kes aga ei mõtlegi kaduda, vaid ärkab hoopis ellu – tahab süüa ja juua ning tekitab linnakeses hulga segadust.

Lavastaja: Ott Sepp

Lava- ja kostüümikunstnik: Nele Sooväli

Videokunstnik: Reimo Õun

Näitlejad: Anatoli Tafitšuk, Veljo Reinik, Merilin Kirbits, Kais Adlas, Kristo Toots, Rein Pakk, Martin Kõiv, Hannes Kaljujärv ja Aivar Tommingas.

Esietendus: 12. veebruaril 2010 Vanemuise teatri väikeses saalis.


The play “Rhino Otto” (orig. book by Ole Lund Kirkegaard 1972) premiere was on the 12th of February 2010 in Theater Vanemuine in Tartu, Estonia.

The process of making this set design was a lot of fun. Theater Vanemuine is the biggest theater in Estonia and also among the oldest ones. It has many departments, a lot of work and lots of professionals. This was my second project in this theater, so I had already a small overview of how everything works.
I knew that since the people are quite busy in this house, there has to be a way to make the creative crew want to invest their full attention and best creative energy in making Rhino Otto.

-I have an idea, that whenever you make something with a certain type of energy, it reflects form your work. So the main aim was to keep the energy happy and cheerful the whole time Rhino Otto was made. So that children and their parents who came to see the play would leave the theater relaxed, fulfilled and with smiles on their faces.-

I talked to the creative team about the idea that whenever they have a doubt in the smallest things…how put the planks making the fence, how to make the ears of the stuffed cats or the beaks of the blackbirds…they would choose the way it appears funny and makes them laugh. I made the crew a CD with happy music and insisted on them playing it whenever they are working on the Rhino Otto project.
It was the nicest project I have been working with, because the vibe was alwas good, thanks to the director: Ott Sepp and all Theater Vanemuine creative teams. Again, I had a lot of freedom with creating this projects design and possibility to jump inside the work making the patterns on the costumes and inner wallpaintings to the house myself.
+ with the help of Reimo Õun from Tolm Studio, I got my drawings animated and up on the “Moon” giving the story some highlights during the play.

The project Rhino Otto has recived a lot of good backfeed. Especially from children which I concider the most valuable. It seems the happy energy making Rhino Otto has great result:)

Director: Ott Sepp

Production designer: Nele Sooväli

Premiere: 12th of February 2010.