Set-disain “Anne&Stiil”


See set oli loodud Anne&Stiili veebruarinumbrile Eesti iseseisvumispäeva teemal. (2012)

Fotograaf: Maiken Staak

Dekoratsioonid: Nele Sooväli

Modell: Hanna Paat

Stilist: Leana Salvet

MUAH: Mammu


This fashion photo set was made for the Anne&Stiil  magazine’s February issue. In February 24th is the Estonian National Independence Day. So the set was made using the colours of the Estonian flag: blue-black-white.
Again, we had super good time making this. 
Broke some dry walls with the phogographer Maiken Staak. And with the help of some friends we managed to paint and build some beautiful cubes and geometrical elements for the sleek atmosphere.

Photographer: Maiken Staak

Decorations: Nele Sooväli

Model: Hanna Paat

Style: Leana Salvet

Hair / Make-up: Mammu