3 põrsakest ja hea hunt

Fotod: Liis Sildnik

Muusikaline koguperelavastus “3 põrsakest ja hea hunt” (Mati Unt / Juhan viiding, 1972) toimus Tartus Emajõe Suveteatris kahel suvel, aastatel 2009 ja 2010.

Lavastaja: Ain Mäeots

Lava- ja kostüümikunstnik: Nele Sooväli

Muusikaline kujundus: Toomas Lunge

Näitlejad: Jekaterina Nikolajeva, Taavi Eelmaa, Rein Pakk ja Jüri Aarma

Esietendus: 25. juulil 2009, Tartu Laulupeomuuseumi pargis


The play “3 piglets and a good wolf” (a play by Mati Unt and Juhan Viiding, 1972) took place in the summers of 2009 and 2010. The musical-play was aimed for children and families and was performed outdoors in a park of The Singing Festival’s museum by Emajõe Summertheater in Tartu, Estonia.

The process of making this set design was very creative! I was excited about the arbor in the middle of the park and the variance between the little house, the nature around it and the view over Tartu town behind. I adjusted the small house a bit and added my graphical touch to it by drawing the wallpaper and other additional details on the walls.
The costumes were made to empahasize the side of the characters being rather human than animals.
I used flying materials and bright selection of colors. And had a lot of fun:)

Director: Ain Mäeots

Production designer: Nele Sooväli

Premiere: 25th of July in 2009 in Tartu